For lightning protection license owners
  Thunder Detection unit
Please show license proof. 
It cannot sell, when there is no presentation of license proof. 
1. Dogged, small size, high performance, easy maintenance, and low cost.
   It is chosen as the thunder protection specialist in the world.
2. Stand-alone thunder detector for system control. External antenna needlessness for
3. UL technical demand and technical standard clear. 
   A direct hit / for non direct hit lightning Surge protection circuits. 
4. Patent of Japan and US. Super-high reliability. 
   Addition Surge no accident years 3000 achievement in practical use. 
5. From an electric wire, it direct-detects, automatic-judges and always carries out the 
   alarm output of the danger of Surge damage. 
6. A strong coherer type thunder detector. 
  Free guarantee for 10 years also about failure by the lightning Surge of a direct  hit.
Standard specification 
Temperature −10〜+60 (℃)    Continuation. Don't freeze.)
Humidity   10〜   90 (%Rh)  (Continuation.Don't dew.) 
Necessary power supply  DC24(V) 1(A)  (MIN)

☆ Surge resistance of the DC input.  (kV) 1.2/50(μs) 

The electric wire which can detect Surge  All that have been exposed outdoors and that have a grounding phase to 200(V), such as a commercial power line, a telephone wire, and a signal wire. 
Range of detection It is about 10 (km) within the circle from a thunderbolt critical region. 
About 1 (km) A thunderbolt within the circle is detected before a thunderbolt. 
The probability of Surge detection  0.95 or more
Thunder alarm output  2 circuits of non-voltage contact outputs. 

DC1(A) 50(V)(MAX)

☆ Surge resistance of the contact outputs.  6(kV) 1.2/50(μs) 



US $2,500

(Freight charges and a tax are not included)  


Primary detecting element  
Pick up coil unit
    It is an exclusive primary detecting element for detecting the influence of the thunder serge which arises in a low-voltage cable. 
(130x85x50 (mm), however the projecting place are outside a size.) 
It is used for the main part of a thunder detector, connecting using 75 (Ω) coaxial cables. 
It is used in combination with SPD of UL/CE 
ClassT・Uor ClassT・U・V

Don't combine any SPD other than UL/CE SPD by any means. 

        ☆ Surge resistance of the Pick up coil unit 
                      30(kV) 1.2/50(μs)
Detection part
Popov Thinder  unit 
  It is the compact main part of a thunder detector which contained coherer. 
(mm), however the projecting place are outside a size.) 

If thunder is detected, a non-voltage contact will be made ON or OFF for a definite period of time, and an alarm will be outputted. 
An alarm output is continued while there is danger of a thunderbolt. 

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